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Parkland Root Pruning

Prune Before Pipes Get Destroyed

You will find most pipes laid these days are made from plastic PVC.  However, this certainly was not the case decades ago. Back then, it was very common for pipes to be made of clay.  It is possible for tree roots to cause problems in clay pipes. They can enter into joints or cracks, or even break the pipe itself. If this happens, an obstruction will likely occur and you will need the fix the problem. Tree roots are attracted to pipes for a variety of reasons. For one, there is usually plenty of moisture which they need to survive. However, there are also other types of minerals and nutrients the tree needs to thrive. In the old days, someone would likely have had to dig up the pipe and physically inspect it.  Today, all of this hard work usually is not necessary. A CCTV camera can be placed inside the pipe to determine what the problem is. This also provides the benefit of determining the exact location of the problem.  Therefore, the location of the problematic roots can easily be determined without digging. This will dramatically lower your costs as well as the risk of physical damage around the home. If you want to clear the tree roots yourself, you have the option of using an auger.  An auger is situated on the end of a long cable and will help cut the roots out that are causing the obstruction. Hopefully, most of the roots will be pulled back along with the snake so that they do not remain in the drain. Using an auger is not exactly a permanent solution. The roots will eventually grow back and you will need to go through the whole process again to clear the newest roots.

Pruning Helps Everything

A professional also has the option of using a high-pressure water jetting system.  This powerful stream of water will hopefully flush all of the roots away. It also is not a permanent solution since the roots will still go back. When clearing tree roots, it is very important for you to treat the location with a foaming herbicide. This will prevent the roots from growing back in the future. Just make sure that the herbicide is not harmful to the environment however. Tree roots can pose a lot of problems if you still have clay pipes around your home. It is best for you to call a professional out to deal with the problem.  A trained professional can use a power auger or a high-pressure water jetting system to get rid of the blockage. Through the use of pruning techniques, it is possible to shape your tree to a certain style. There are seven main tree shapes that all have their own benefits for certain situations. During the growth of the tree, simply cut off the unneeded branches, tie the wanted branches into the proper shape, and you will be able to shape it however you want. However, for some of the more advanced shapes, equally advanced pruning techniques are required. Standard trees hardly need any explanation. These are the varieties that are most common, and probably what you picture when you think of any tree. No specific shaping is required to get the shape to take this form. Just let it go and prune it as you would normally, and unless you have a strangely deformed tree then it should end up being a standard tree.

Shape Your Tree By Pruning To Help The Roots

It is possible to turn a standard tree into a bush tree through pruning. The branches take the same shape, but the stem or trunk of the tree is noticeably shorter. This can be beneficial if you want to grow trees, but don’t want to block the view. Cordons are a type of tree that you might not be familiar with. It consists of one stem with no branches. It is planted at an angle so that it arches up over the ground. Through the course of its growth, all branches are removed. These are beneficial because they take up very small amounts of space and more can be fit in a certain square footage. The only negative aspect is that they produce smaller amounts of fruit per tree. Espalier trees grow with a single vertical stem in the center, and several horizontal branches on each side. These allow for long rows of trees, while still producing large amounts of fruit. If you operate an orchard, you probably use this shape to fit as many trees as possible into the area you have. Fan trees use the same theory as espalier trees. However, the shape is slightly different. The same central vertical stem is used, but the connected branches are not horizontal; they grow in the same pattern as a standard tree, only they are two dimensional rather than three dimensional. They are also used to save space, and are used instead of espalier trees for certain types of trees that do better with sloped branches. Contact Phil’s Expert Tree Service Inc. in Parkland for all of your tree needs.

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