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Hiring the right Margate tree planting company will make the difference of a tree that is going to thrive or not. You need to know the right location and type of soil that a particular tree will thrive. Our certified arborists will know which trees grow best in a particular area of your yard. Making your landscape beautiful with healthy trees is what we are all about. We have a lot of people that come to us after they have bought expensive exotic trees and within a few months they have died. Location, location, Location, cannot be taken any more serious than when planting a tree. Some trees will grow slower than others. When you plant a fast growing tree you need to know that they have a shallow root system that can cause damage to property like sidewalk and patio and above ground pools. The reason being is the wood is dense and more likely to break during strong winds and storms. Having a tree that takes longer to grow will have a deeper root system and will hold up longer and stronger. With all the many different trees we can grow in Margate its best to have the experts like the ones at Phil’s Tree Service to advise you before you start planting.

Know the right tree to plant, Margate tree service can help

Knowing the right tree to plant in your yard is something you don’t take lightly. There are many things to consider when you are ready for planting. Don’t overlook some of the basic things when you are ready to plant a tree. A lot of us take for granite some of the things to consider margate tree plantingwhen planting because we think it’s an easy process, wrong. You can’t just dig a hole and think that’s all you have to do, without considering some of the most important basic planting preparations. You have to look at the proper place where to plant. Is there going to be enough sunlight? A well thought out planting projects starts with an appropriate design, land evaluation and tree selection. Choosing the right tree for the right spot is another. Size is one of the factors you have to take into consideration. You need to buy your trees from a reputable nursery stock for the best quality trees. Once you’ve found the tree that will thrive because of site conditions and the space. You are going to want to start digging, but did you know that a tree that is planted too deeply can perform poorly after planting? Not only are they accessible to more diseases they can grow poorly or not at all. Before you go and try to find the right tree on your own, take the size of the tree into consideration. Trees come in all shapes and sizes, and often dramatically change over the course of the years. Some may be tall and grow wide; others may be short and thin. Having the right site for the right tree is key to having a healthy tree. Contact the experts at Phil’s Tree Service to help you with finding the perfect tree for your space.

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Having the right location to plant your tree in Margate

Knowing the right location for planting a tree in Margate can help reduce damage in storms and help eliminate safety concerns. Hurricanes can be quite damaging to property and communities. Having set forth a preventive design and selecting the right trees and placing them in the location can reduce future storm damage. You can even select wind resistant species. By selecting a wind resistant tree you can make a barrier and have less clean up after a storm. Make sure when planting a new tree that you plant in a safe location. This is one of the biggest mistakes that most property owners make. This is because most people don’t think that the small tree they are planting is going to grow into an 80 foot giant tree. This is why it is so important that you think of the mature tree size before it is planted. You will want to always avoid planting a large tree under power lines or other trees. Also, you want to avoid planting too close to foundations, driveways or sidewalks because they can cause the concrete to crack and buckle. To stay safe you should always plant at least four feet from the nearest structure or conflict area. You may want to plant your tree next to your house to provide shade. When planting a tree next to your house you may want to plant it close because thecloser to the house the more shade on the roof and windows. But homeowners beware you should carefully consider not only the benefits but the potential conflicts the roots can bring as well. Let the professional staff at Phil’s Expert Tree Service help you decide where you should plant your next tree. Having a tree planted in the right place will help you in Margate live happier and safer. Contact us today!

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