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Margate Root Pruning

Knowing how to correctly have Root Pruning done in Margate.

When it comes to correctly having root pruning done in Margate, it is important to understand what root pruning is. Root pruning is the process of severing the roots of an existing tree that is going to be dug and transplanted, to encourage the growth of the new tree roots along the root ball that will be transplanted along with the tree. Established trees that have been growing in the ground have roots that reach out far beyond the branches or drip line. These long branches are used by the tree to anchor and support it. However, most of the small feeder roots, which bring in food and nutrients to the tree, are likely to be found growing off the main roots at some distance from the tree itself. When a tree is dug for moving and transplanting, generally the root ball taken is only the circumference of the drip line, sometimes less. To encourage the development of feeder roots closer to the drip line, root pruning is done. Root pruning involves severing the roots of a tree, all the way around the tree’s circumference at the drip line. This can be done by slicing down with a sharp spade. Ideally, root pruning should take place a year prior to digging and transplanting the tree. However, in a pinch, 2-3 months should allow enough time for the tree to overcome the stress of root pruning and to start the process of developing new feeder roots. To ensure that you don’t damage the tree you should hire a team of experts that we have at Phil’s Expert Tree Service Inc., they will ensure that the root pruning will get done with no damage to you or the tree.

What to consider when doing Root Pruning in Margate

There are quite a few things to consider when doing a root pruning in Margate. You want to make sure you understand that different trees need to be handled in different ways. One thing is the root size of the tree will determine the tree’s response. This reason is because the larger roots may generate fewer new roots. The second thing you need to consider is the number of cuts you make on the roots. The more cuts you make to the roots will add more stress to the tree. Lastly the distance of the cuts to the tree trunk will also play a sufficient role, the closer the cut, the more stress to the tree. You also have to remember that different trees can tolerate more stress than others. Older trees are more likely to not take the stress as well and could die. If the tree is unhealthy and leaning, it should not be pruned. You also want to pay attention to the surrounding soil and drainage in the area. The reason being is that if the soil is shallow, you should stay farther away from the trunk. These are just some of the many things to consider when you are planning on root pruning a tree. By contacting the experts at Phil’s Expert Tree Service they can assist you with any question and concerns. They have much expertise in all areas of trees and would be willing to help you with yours.

Knowing how close to the trunk can root pruning be done in Margate.

Knowing how close to the trunk you can root prune, depends on many different factors. For the mature tree some professional believe that you should stay at least 10 feet away from a tree trunk. Then there are others who believe that they should root prune a tree no closer than the distance 3 times the trunk diameter or preferably 5 times the trunk diameter. A more recent study shows that the root on one side of a very young tree can be pruned off completely at a distance equal to 5 times the trunk diameter without any impact on the tree stability. Regardless of which opinion you decide to listen and follow, you need to remember that pruning the roots of a tree can result in a tree falling over or worse dying if not done correctly. Have the crew of Phil’s Expert Tree Service come to your site and give you the best expert and knowledgeable advice. There are many things that can alter the results of root pruning and can harm your trees if not done correctly. You may even wish to do the alternative options instead of root pruning. Before you do anything to your trees in your yard, contact the services of a Margate root pruning Company and get the expert advice they offer today!

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