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Coral Springs Stump Grinding

The Tree Is Cut Down, Now What?

There are many agencies that provide services for stump removal in Coral Springs. Any of these agencies can be contacted for information regarding the same. They will be able to ensure that the job will be well done. It is advisable to contact service providers for stump removal in Coral Springs, mainly because the stump removal is not a very easy process. Removal of a tree stump is not just tying it with a rope to your bumper and ripping it off. Depending upon the size of the stump and how well it is rooted, the axle of the vehicle could be wrecked, the bumper could get damaged or may even fall off or you could consequently cut up the lawn. Despite this, stump removal is a relatively simple process. The first thing to be noted is the size of the stump to be removed. A bush or a small tree is manageable but a large tree requires some efforts. To begin with, you will need a spade, some elbow grease and a lawn bar. However, the stump of a large tree may require a tree grinder. Now, with a large tree, your first job would be to cut it down to size. Leaving two feet gives you enough space to grip the stump and rock it. On the other hand, it is advisable to leave more on a small or a medium sized tree. The next activity to be done is to dig around the stump and loosen it from the base. Start a few inches away from the stump and work your way away from it. Once you expose the roots, your job can be done with a lawn bar too. The best method is to sharpen the flat edge which gives you added leverage while cutting the roots. However, caution must be taken by wearing steel-toed shoes to protect yourself from any injury. Cut the roots as you go and dig deeper but away from the stump. This will not only loosen the soil but also take away the grip that the stump has in the earth. Once the stump is loose enough, a little bit of rocking will easily allow you to wrench it out of the ground.

Do It Yourself, Or Hire Someone?

A professional is sure to have all the required tools and resources to carry out this procedure easily and safely. There are many professional agencies for stump removal in Parkland, that can be contacted for the same. A simple search online or scrolling through the telephone directory will give you satisfactory results. But there is no one better than Phil’s Expert Tree Service. While the general process regarding of a pine tree stump removal is somewhat similar to that of other stumps, there is a difference in the root system that requires addressing. That is to say, these stumps tend to have much larger, flatter root networks than that of other types. That being said, the most effective techniques with pine may not necessarily be the best idea when dealing with oak or spruce. Taking the time to do this task yourself can save hundreds of dollars. In this article, we will outline the necessary steps to doing just that.
1. Shovel
2. Black Plastic Sheet
3. Axe
4. Loppers
5. Handsaw
6. Drill
7. Nitrogen-Rich Fertilizer
In cases involving a smaller one, simply digging around and cutting will likely do the trick. Dig around the area until the root system is almost completely uncovered. Roots can be severed by a saw or axe, but loppers may be more appropriate depending on the root system. All severed roots should be disposed of in the trash or through burning.

Can I Rip Out That Pine Stump Myself?

For larger trees, the same general idea applies, however the tools used and the overall labor required are a bit different. As with the smaller pines, you should dig around the area to expose the roots. The larger the pine, the more digging there will be. An axe or handsaw is preferable to loppers and required to sever the larger root systems. Prepare yourself for a good day or two of constant chopping. If it is heavy, wrap the chain around it and pull it out by hitching the other end of the chain to a tow hitch. Be sure that the pine is severed completely and that the truck pulls it out slowly. Another option for removal is to hasten the biodegrading process. Keep in mind that this option can take months. Just as with the manual process outlined above, reduce it to the smallest height possible before hitting the ground. Proceed by boring a rash of holes around 2 inches deep into the top. Add water to each hole and follow it up with a nitrogen-rich fertilizer. Cover the surrounding area with the same mixture. Next, cover the stump with organic compost and place a black plastic sheet over it, making sure to add a weight to it doesn’t blow away. The plastic absorbs sunlight, which heats the compost, thus speeding up the decay process. Repeat the process every couple weeks until the pine is completely decomposed. Or, call the professionals at Phil’s Expert Tree Service, Inc to do it for you!

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