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Cooper City Tree Service

When you need tree service in Cooper City, Phil’s Expert Tree Service will do a professional job.

Maintaining beautiful and healthy trees should be left to a professional tree service. Florida has a diverse variety of trees, more than 100 in fact, as well as a diversity of places where they grow. We find them in houses, apartments, lawns, gardens, parks, municipal areas, forests, as well as in orchards. Trees of all sizes regularly need trimming, pruning, thinning, fertilizing, and occasionally removing from your property. Even amateur gardeners have at most a limited knowledge of how to properly care for their trees. That’s why a reputable company like Phil’s Expert Tree Service in Cooper City should be consulted any time the need arises. Whether your trees are young or old, healthy or decaying, few or many, look at the services Phil’s provide.
Tree Service Cooper City fl

  • Tree service, tree removal, tree trimming
  • Tree planting, tree thinning, fertilizing
  • Stump grinding, hazardous tree removal
  • Root pruning, crown cleaning and reduction
  • Land clearing, construction debris removal and disposal
  • Horse manure hauling and delivery
  • Waterway trimming and debris removal
  • Vegetation removal and removal


Phil’s certified arborists and tree climbers do a safe and reliable job for you. When choosing a tree service company, make sure they are insured and licensed. When the business is insured and licensed, an injury becomes their liability and not yours! Don’t go by price alone; check their reputation and online reviews. Tree service done safely and economically takes know-how and Phil’s Expert Tree Service knows how.

Don’t let tree service cost more than it should in Cooper City.

We all like to get good deals, but the lowest price tree service estimate is not always one of those. When your trees are beautiful and valuable, don’t trust tree service to a shoddy company. A poorly done job can cost you more in the long run in. As an example, a decaying tree will be spotted right away by professional arborists and you will be informed of the options to care for it. Lesser experienced persons may overlook the problem or allow it to deteriorate so they can come back in the future and charge more. A reputable arborist may be able to save your tree as opposed to an untrained person’s efforts.

Pruning and trimming trees needs to be done on as as-need basis. Most consumers are not aware of when these services are needed and lack the skill to do a first-rate job. Improperly pruned and trimmed trees can do more damage than good. Phil’s tree specialists improve the balance and beauty of your trees now while making them healthier for the future. Their staff will know when and how to mulch, fertilize, and water your trees. Perhaps you need new trees planted or old ones removed from the property. Sometimes stumps need to be grinded and roots pruned. Phil’s Expert Tree Service does it all!

Whether you have large or small trees, a few or many, Phil’s will provide reasonable prices, quality work, and exceptional service from start to finish. With nearly 30 years of service and attention to detail for the South and Central Florida area, they will do the work in a timely manner and clear the debris to your satisfaction.

Don’t let an unreliable tree service rip you off.

A tree service needs to be reputable and have great reviews. We’ve all experienced poor service from shoddy or inexperienced workers. You know what we mean – bait and switch tactics, don’t keep written records or keep accurate ones, try to gives services you don’t need!

Phil’s technicians systematically evaluate your needs and quote prices on the spot without any surprises that come later. Watch out for scams where they ask for a large down payment or all of the payment up front to entitle you to a sizable discount. Honesty and integrity is worth their weight in gold. Count on Phil’s service to treat you right. You will always know where to find them.

Professional tree service in Florida is just around the corner.

Approximately 100 varieties of trees grow in Florida and it takes an expert tree service to know and understand their individual needs. As amateurs, you and I may think we know how to care for and remove trees properly; however, this is not generally the case. Sometimes different trees were planted together for aesthetic value or dependence upon each other. Roots may be intertwined that are not apparent above the ground. Removing one type of tree may cause damage to another type when this is the case. Phil’s Expert Tree Service arborists have the experience to remove the trees properly and replant suitable varieties when needed. Whether you need trimming, pruning, thinning, or tree removal, don’t hesitate to call upon the specialists who know their jobs and are committed to the highest standards in the tree service industry.

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