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Cooper City Tree Removal

When you need tree removal in Cooper City, call on Phil’s Expert Tree Service.

Being a Cooper City Tree Removal Company and providing tree removal services Cooper City, Fl is our passion! If you need tree removal from your property, Phil’s Expert Tree Service will do a professional job. Whether large or small trees, a few or many, Phil’s will provide reasonable prices, quality work, and exceptional service from start to finish. With nearly 30 years of service and attention to detail for the South Florida and Cooper City, FL area, they will do the work in a timely manner and clear the debris to your satisfaction.

Tree removal and trimming can be a very dangerous job for the homeowner. A lack of training has sent many homeowners and disaster volunteers to the hospital. That’s where the experts come in. Whether your trees sit on residential, municipal, or commercial property, you need someone who knows what they are doing. Safety is the number one concern in this type of work. You’ve seen the commercials on television where the neighbor is sawing limbs off a tree and a large one falls on the car next door. At least neither neighbor is injured. Not the case sometimes for people helping clean up a disaster area or their own backyard. Tree removal by the untrained can result in serious cuts, loss of limbs or bodily mobility, broken bones, or even death caused by a falling tree. Although people can have the best of intentions in helping others, this work needs to be left to the expert.

In the old days when so many families lived in rural areas and were farmers, ranchers, or owned an orchard, they had practice in tree removal. With modern lifestyles, many people will attempt to remove trees without understanding how to use chain saws properly or the danger involved in falling out of trees. During the Hurricane Katrina problem in Louisiana a few years ago, the emergency rooms in area hospitals were filled with injured people trying to be good neighbors. Why take a chance with tree removal; let Phil’s Expert Tree Service do the job for you.

Phil’s Expert Tree Service does more than just removing trees.

When you need more than just removing trees, let Phil’s certified arborists and tree climbers do a safe and reliable job for you. Choose among these services to fit your needs.

  • Tree service, tree removal, tree trimming
  • Tree planting, tree thinning, fertilizing
  • Stump grinding, hazardous tree removal
  • Root pruning, crown cleaning and reduction
  • Land clearing, construction debris removal and disposal
  • Horse manure hauling and delivery
  • Waterway trimming and debris removal
  • Vegetation removal and removal


When choosing a tree service company, make sure they are insured and licensed. When the business is insured and licensed, an injury becomes their liability and not yours! Don’t go by price alone; check their reputation and online reviews. Removing trees safely and economically takes know-how and Phil’s Expert Tree Service knows how.

Tree removal in Florida may not be as easy as it seems.

Approximately 100 varieties of trees grow in Florida and it takes an expert tree removal service to know and understand their individual needs. As amateurs, you and I may think we know how to care for and remove trees properly; however, this is not generally the case. Sometimes different trees were planted together for aesthetic value or dependence upon each other. Roots may be intertwined that are not apparent above the ground. Removing one type of tree may cause damage to another type when this is the case. Phil’s Expert Tree Service arborists have the experience to remove the trees properly and replant suitable varieties when needed.

Tree removal requires a means of removing the trees from the property and disposing of them in a way that meets city or county ordinances. Generally speaking, the home or business owner does not have the equipment or trucks to carry away the debris. Phil’s service has everything that is need for a truly professional job. They will clean up your property and leave it in the condition you require. Tree removal and disposal needn’t be a disaster in itself. Don’t hesitate to call up the arborists and tree climbers who know their jobs and are committed to the highest standards in the Cooper City tree removal industry.

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