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Cooper City Root Pruning

When you need root pruning in Cooper City, call on Phil’s Expert Tree Service.

Tree and shrubbery roots have a way of growing out of the ground and need pruning. In fact, this is very common for some species of trees in certain parts of the US. Most homeowners and gardeners prefer to leave these troublesome roots alone rather than removing them. The reason? If not done properly, you can do more harm than good. Amateur pruners lack the proper skills and tools to do the job. As a result they avoid removing or pruning the roots to their dismay. Phil’s Expert Tree Service understands how to correct your root problems.

Most of us think of root pruning for large trees that grow outdoors. Other situations call for pruning to control the size and shape of plants, such bonsai plants. Here is a typical outdoor root complex that needs pruning and correcting.

Cooper City Root PruningThere are risk factors involved in root pruning.

The risk factors make many of us back off from doing the root pruning job. It is very dangerous to prune all of the roots at once – it is a shock to the plant. If we cut the main feeder or tap root, it can definitely cause a problem. This can kill the tree or greatly hamper its future growth. Trees are fed and watered through their roots. You will be miles ahead by using a professional arborist to do the job than doing it yourself. Another potential problem is falling trees. When trees grow close to a good source of water the roots may be shallow. Remember – roots hold the tree in place. Some soils are very loose and don’t provide adequate support. Pruning too many or cutting the main ones too short can weaken the tree. A strong wind storms can topple the tree onto your house or a neighbor’s car. The greatest risk factor involved in improper root pruning is causing bodily harm or death to a family member or guest on your property.

Pruned roots tend to grow back.

Most of us want to take the easy way out when it comes to doing a big job, such as pruning large roots from their own trees. We tend to think that once the roots are cut with a chainsaw or axe we have done our job. The problem arises when we place something over the filled in area where we cut the roots and they grow back. This is especially troublesome if a patio, sidewalk, or driveway is poured over this area. Who wants a cracked concrete surface to rebuild? This is another reason to hire trained technicians, such as Phil’s staff, to do the work.

Letting Phil’s Expert Tree Service in Cooper City prune your tree roots extends many benefits.

Pruning roots can be very beneficial. Plants need water, food, and oxygen to thrive. When some roots are pruned on a plant we can improve oxygen circulation in the ground or in a pot. This occurs because root congestion is eased. Changing the root growth and improve the size and shape of plants to our desires. Controlling root growth can also help prevent human accidents. People trip on exposed roots and fall. This is especially harmful to the elderly who tend to break hips in a fall. Children turn over their bikes and scooters on troublesome roots. As a result they may get a serious cut or break an arm. Lawsuits can be lessened with proper root pruning on large trees.

Some additional insights on root pruning in Cooper City.

Other major problems caused by a lack of root pruning include roots growing into a home foundation and into sewer or septic lines in the yard. No one wants a cracked or leaky foundation under their home or having their yards dug up. Apartment owners can’t afford the excessive costs in correcting root problems. The answer is to let a reliable and experienced company correct and control the problem. Phil’s technicians know when to prune the larger taproots so the smaller feeder roots can catch up in size. They know which ones to remove without harming the tree. They also know that pruning every few years lessens the chances of destroying the trees.

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