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Cooper City Land Clearing

Land clearing made easy in Cooper City with Phil’s Expert Tree Service.

Do you have land to clear in Cooper City? Let Phil’s Expert Tree Service come to your rescue. Whether you have 1 acre or more than 100 acres to clear, need onsite tree grinding, loader or bobcat service, Phil’s is here to do the job for you. Sometimes it is difficult to find a reliable business to clear a residential, commercial, or industrial lot. You want to make sure the work is professionally done as well as the business complies with all city ordinances so you won’t be left with a problem.

Cooper City Land Clearing

Florida is a vegetation paradise. When a plot of ground needs clearing, it needs clearing for the present time so that unwanted future return growth will be eliminated. Phil’s crew of highly trained technicians will remove underbrush, prep driveways, develop site pads, dig ponds, and create drainage ways. Land developers can’t go wrong with Phil’s services. You want the property to be cleared, improved, and the debris hauled away. Land clearing is hard work and time consuming – let the professionals do it for you.

Land clearing done right requires specialized knowledge and skill sets.

At home we may approach the land clearing problem by simply pulling the weeds or spraying weed killer. Perhaps we mow the grass, weeds, or brush close to the ground and use a weed trimmer. Or we cut the small trees as close to the ground as possible. This is only a temporary fix. In a warm, humid climate the vegetation will grow back quickly. When the plot of ground is covered with excessive grasses, weeds, or trees, extensive work may be required to bring the property to its potential. Today’s work paves the way for the future appearance of your property. Don’t take a chance with amateurs – let Phil’s Expert Tree Service provide the land clearing.

You end goal may not be quite clear in you mind. A professional land clearing and tree service will help shape and mold the future vision of what you are looking for. On the surface the job at hand may seem quite simple when in reality it requires specialized knowledge and skill sets. This is why you need a multifaceted land clearing service. Here’s what Phil’s can do for you.

  • Tree service, tree removal, tree trimming
  • Tree planting, tree thinning, fertilizing
  • Stump grinding, hazardous tree removal
  • Root pruning, crown cleaning and reduction
  • Land clearing, construction debris removal and disposal
  • Horse manure hauling and delivery
  • Waterway trimming and debris removal
  • Vegetation removal and removal


You can trust Phil’s highly trained technicians. They work while you’re at work so you can focus on things that you need to do. The old saying tells us to do what we know how to do and let those you hired do what they know to do best. The technicians don’t need your constant attention or supervision to watch over their shoulders. Once they understand your goals and plans, they can be left alone to do the work. Phi’s staff is honest and drug free and will not waste valuable time. They will do the work the way you want it done. If not sure, they will assist you in the planning stage.

Keep these services in mind, but for now let’s concentrate on land clearing. Don’t take chances with inexperienced workers or your next door neighbor who is willing to lend a helping hand. Phil’s certified technicians do a safe and reliable land clearing job for you.

Use the right land clearing equipment and machinery to produce that perfect job.

Clearing land in Cooper City is best done with the right equipment, heavy machinery, and trucks. Add the right people who buy and maintain the best equipment and tools and you are all set for a professional job. Having proper tools is not enough. Our technicians are trained to be safe, be as efficient as possible to save you money, treat the property as if it were their own, and adhere to the work plans. You will not have to question Phil’s service or workers when it comes to quality, reliability, safety, or professionalism. Don’t look any farther for anyone else to clear the land for you.

Want to choose the right land clearing business in Cooper City? Ask Phil’s customers and check the reviews.

Phil’s Expert Tree Service has hundred of satisfied land clearing customers in central and southern Florida. Just ask a few of them if they are happy with the work that Phil’s staff completed and you will find they are. Sometimes their best salespeople are satisfied customers who are over joyed to let you know the benefits of quality work. Phil’s staff will never take you for granted and will guaranteed complete satisfaction in your land clearing needs.

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