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Root Pruning

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Parkland Root Pruning

Prune Before Pipes Get Destroyed

You will find most pipes laid these days are made from plastic PVC.  However, this certainly was not the case decades ago. Back then, it was very common for pipes to be made of clay.  It is possible for tree roots to cause problems in clay pipes. They can enter into joints or cracks, or even break the pipe itself. If this happens, an obstruction will likely occur and you will need the fix the problem. Read More

Margate Root Pruning

Knowing how to correctly have Root Pruning done in Margate.

When it comes to correctly having root pruning done in Margate, it is important to understand what root pruning is. Root pruning is the process of severing the roots of an existing tree that is going to be dug and transplanted, to encourage the growth of the new tree roots along the root ball that will be transplanted along with the tree. Read More

Deerfield Beach Root Pruning

Proper Deerfield Beach Root Pruning Could Save Your Home

It’s tempting to ignore that nasty letter from your neighbor who claims that the roots of your tree ruined their plumbing, or try to save money, even when you see root problems affecting your home. Read More

Cooper City Root Pruning

When you need root pruning in Cooper City, call on Phil’s Expert Tree Service.

Tree and shrubbery roots have a way of growing out of the ground and need pruning. In fact, this is very common for some species of trees in certain parts of the US. Most homeowners and gardeners prefer to leave these troublesome roots alone rather than removing them. Read More

Coconut Creek Root Pruning

Coconut Creek Root Pruning Provided By Us Will Be Sure TO Provide You With The High Level of Satisfaction That You Have Been Waiting For – Give Us a Call Today!

Take a look around at some of the past work that we have done for some of our past clients and you will love what you will see without a doubt – we have managed to provide our clients with some of the best packages available and will be more than happy to do the same for you once you are ready to get started on having your land cleared out for whatever the reason may be. Read More

Boca Raton Root Pruning

Are there the Boca Raton root pruning guidelines?

When it comes to the Boca Raton root pruning guidelines, it is important that you understand that trenching and digging in the soil near trees can cut roots. By cutting the roots, it can cause damage to the tree which will result in tree decline or it can even cause the tree to fall over. Read More

Coral Springs Root Pruning

Prune, Prune, Prune!

Pruning is also used to maintain the proper shape for the tree. For example, if you have an abundance of branches on one particular side of the tree, then you will use pruning to get rid of the larger segments which weigh down the tree to one side. Read More