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Boca Raton Root Pruning

Are there the Boca Raton root pruning guidelines?

When it comes to the Boca Raton root pruning guidelines, it is important that you understand that trenching and digging in the soil near trees can cut roots. By cutting the roots, it can cause damage to the tree which will result in tree decline or it can even cause the tree to fall over. Both tree damage and/or a fallen tree can cause liability and safety concerns. You should also know that root pruning is more injurious to older, more mature trees than it is for younger, more vigorous trees. As a matter of fact, cutting roots greater than about one inch diameter during trenching and digging can mean problems for the tree. This is because in some cases in which roots that are one to three inches diameter represent the major structural roots which are what hold the tree upright.

The impact trees will have from get their roots pruned will depend on several factors. Keep in mind that the damage that is done will typically increase with more cuts, bigger cuts, and cuts that are made closer to the trunk. Root pruning, trenching, and other construction activities that are close to the trunk will result in more injury on shallow, compacted soils or on soils that drain poorly than on well drained soils. This fact is due to the shallow roots that are common on sites with shallow soils or high water table. It is important to keep in mind that trees that are leaning are most definitely poor candidates for root pruning. You want to be sure to prune your roots with only sharp tools to avoid tearing behind the cuts. When you hire our professional staff at Phil’s Expert Tree Service Inc., we will be sure to properly prune your roots so that the cuts are damage free. Contact us today to learn more about the services that we have to offer.

Factors that can affect a Boca Raton root pruning service

There are quite a few factors that can affect the response of trees to a root pruning service. First, the root size will affect a trees response. This is because larger roots may generate few new roots. Second, the number of cut roots may cause a different response due to the fact that more roots cut means more tree stress. Third, the proximity of cuts to the trunk will affect the tree because the closer cuts are to the trunk the bigger the impact. Next, the species of tree will play a role in successful root pruning. This is because some species tolerate it better than others. Fifth, the age of a tree is important since old trees are more likely to stress and die. The trees condition is also important. If you have a tree that is in poor health, it should not be root pruned. If your tree is leaning, it again should not be root pruned. Seventh, the soil type and site drainage is important to know when it comes to root pruning. This is because shallow soils mean that you should stay farther away from the trunk. Our professionals will be sure to keep all of the above mentioned factors in mind when they come to your home for your root pruning appointment. If you would like to learn more about our many tree services, contact us today.

How close to the trunk can roots be cut with our Boca Raton root pruning service?

The answer to this question can vary from professional to professional. For mature trees that need to be pruned there are some experts who recommend not cutting roots closer than 6 to 8 inches from the trunk for each inch in a tree trunk diameter. This basically means that you should stay at least 10 feet away from a 20 inch tree! There are other experts who maintain a much more realistic approach and believe that we should root prune no closer to the trunk than a distance equal to 3 times the trunk diameter, more preferably would be a distance 5 times the trunk diameter. A recent study has shown that roots on one side of very young trees can be pruned off completely at a distance equal to 5 times the trunk diameter without any impact on tree stability throughout its growing year. Regardless of which experts advice you decide to use you will need to remember that pruning the roots on trees can result in trees falling over or dying. Our professional staff will be able to give you the best advice available when they come out to your home.

There are alternatives to root pruning that you may decide to use. These alternatives include:

  • Adding soil over the roots and re-sod
  • Curving the sidewalk around the surface roots
  • Elevating the walk over the roots
  • Suspending the footing on pilings
  • Re-pouring the walk with steel in the concrete
  • Grinding the concrete down
  • Raise the walk by injecting grout under it
  • Building the structure elsewhere
  • Digging under roots with trench-less technology
  • Living with the problem


If you are unsure of what you should do with the tree in your yard, please contact our staff today. We can answer any questions that you may have in regards to the trees in your yard. To find out which services that our Boca Raton root pruning company has to offer, contact us today!

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